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Company Profile


trade name

Fujiba Corporation Co., Ltd.

<Secondhand Dealer Permit> Kyoto Public Safety Commission No. 611070730005 Dealer of highly controlled medical equipment Sales/rental license No. 100599 Controlled medical equipment sales/rental <Kyoto City Directive Medical Doctor No. 303>

請求書発行事業者登録番号​  T7130001028995    ( 登録年月日:令和5年10月1日 )

Business content

1. Sales of training equipment and equipment
2. Operation and consignment of training facilities
3. Development and sales of training programs
4.Instructor training and dispatch


Through business, we accumulate a sense of happiness together with all people.
- Always strive to improve customer satisfaction. ~

Basic Philosophy Basic Action

"Appreciate inevitably, Appreciate by chance, Appreciate now"
“I will strive to improve my humanity in order to be needed and recognized.”
"Build mutually beneficial relationships with everyone involved"

Head office address

Nishioji Building 7F, 88-1 Hommachi, Shichijogoshonouchi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi

Fujiba South Warehouse

39 Honcho, Kamitobayama, Minami Ward, Kyoto City

Fujiba Shioya Warehouse

415 Kuze Oyabucho, Minami Ward, Kyoto City


phone number


fax number



Hiroshi Fujibayashi

Began track and field in high school, won national inter-high school championship in hammer throw, and national polity championship

Graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education, Chukyo University, and served as the captain of the track and field team of Chukyo University.
Became a member of society and experienced from launching a fitness club to management
​Later independent and incumbent

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